2019 Pave the Path Event Recap

By all measures, the second year for Pave the Path was a great success!

100 Engaged, energetic student attendees from all 5 FWCS schools:

25 Mentors who will work with the students year-round

21 Returning student alumni volunteers

20 Selfless and awesome adult volunteers

12 Informative breakout session speakers

8 Tired volunteer organizers

7 Young Visionaries project starter grants

6 Core curriculum presenters

4 Totally inspiring keynote speakers

2 Partnering nonprofits

2 Full days of engaged learning

We were blown away by a few key results!

1. Over 20 of last year's student participants came back as alumni volunteers! We love their continued commitment to leadership and how they led by example. The fact that they wanted to go even deeper into honing and activating their own personal brands and leadership skills speaks very highly of them all!

2. During day one, all participating students invented projects that can make their community a better place. Working together, they thought about the hard issues, the gnarly problems, and they conceived ways to tackle them. Their resolve to not sidestep tough problems, combined with their concern for their fellow humans, is inspiring!

3. All of the keynote and breakout session speakers came from our local community. Folks, we have some awesome talent operating right here in Fort Wayne! Our local entrepreneurial leaders rock, and they were totally ready to jump right in and help out the next generation.

4. Team, team, team. On day two, students pitched their concepts for Young Visionaries projects to make impact in their community. 7 teams were selected by last year's winners and by the Pave the Path staff and were awarded starter grants to keep the momentum moving. 40 students were represented in the 7 diverse teams. That's nearly half of the attendees!

Our conclusion? Simply put, Our Community's Future Is Very Bright!

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