Introducing Jonathon, Believe In A Dream's New Intern

Jonathon McCullough in front of Theoplis Smith’s mural at The Friendly Fox

Please join us in welcoming Believe In A Dream’s new entrepreneurship intern, Jonathon McCullough! He’ll be working with entrepreneurship program manager Steve Franks to produce Believe In A Dream’s web assets, programming, and help with the Pave the Path Youth Leaders Summit.

A junior at Snider High School, Jonathon was born and raised in Fort Wayne. He has lived his entire life in the same house by Lane Middle School. Coincidentally, he played percussion in Lane’s band under the direction of Believe In A Dream’s Colleen Patrick Phillips. He continues to play, but now on a family friendly electronic drum set with headphones.

Jonathon has participated in all of the Pave the Path Youth Leader Summits that have been produced so far. Happy to have been selected to participate in 2018, Jonathon found he loved the connections, mentorship, and real life interactions with other students.

He came back to the 2019 summit as a volunteer to help “give new members the same I experience I had” and to be “a walking example” for the new students. We can testify he was indeed that example. The workshop leaders were all asked to pick students who contributed well to the summit to receive recognition. Even though as a volunteer he wasn’t eligible to win, Jonathon was picked more than once!

A football player since 6th grade at Lane, he has been played as a cornerback, receiver, and this year was in Snider’s rotation as a free safety. Next year he will start as free safety for the Panthers! He plans to study criminal justice (his father is in law enforcement) and play football in college. Jonathon is scouting colleges, so - universities get those scholarship offers ready for a true leader on and off the field!

Welcome, Jonathon McCullough! It’s great to have you on board!

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