• Steve Franks

Irasema Hernandez Trujillo - Young Leader Interview

Two years ago we all met Irasema at the first Pave the Path Summit. It was clear that she was an energetic achiever who was going to make a mark in the world. Later, she was selected as a Believe In A Dream Young Visionaries Fellowship awardee (you can read about that at biadinc.org). When the second Summit rolled around, she jumped in to help out (and, truth be told, get a chance to hear more Pave the Path speakers). She plussed up her experience by jumping into action in college, but no spoilers - you get to hear about that from her.

I (Steve) do need to make a confession. After the interview session was done, I learned that I had mispronounced her first name (it's errAHHsahmah). Also, I called her "Sammy", her nickname in high school. Today she uses her full cultural name, not her "US-ized" nickname. Listen to the video and you will understand why.

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