Meet Cheyenne Moss - Pave the Path February 2020 Leader of the Month

Cheyenne Moss

The Pave the Path Leader for February is Cheyenne Moss. She is a junior attending New Tech Academy at Wayne High School. Her hobbies include working out, bowling, and road trips. Even though she is the life of the party, she is also a businesswoman running her own business being the brand HER by Chey LLC. She says, “If it weren’t for Steve Franks, Jeff Roberts and other Pave the Path mentors, I’m not sure that I would have believed in myself enough to follow this dream.”

Through Pave the Path, she has comprehended the importance of individualization. She has attended all the Pave the Path summits that have been held and from each one she has learned that most of the people she has met became successful by sticking to their path. She is beyond grateful to have the opportunity to be a Pave the Path member because by being in Pave the Path she is inspired to wake up every day to be someone that somebody looks up to.

Cheyenne is also one of Believe In A Dream's 2019 Young Visionaries Fellowship winners. She was one of 5 who were rewarded with a $1,000 grant to pursue a project to make her community a better place!

In her future she hopes to attend a four-year University where she will study a major in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing. Once she has received her bachelor’s degree, she will pursue her dream of being a basketball event coordinator. She also plans on starting her own beauty salon and barber shop where she will grant felons a second chance at employment and career training.

After that is all said and done, she will give back to the youth who has been through the foster care system by opening a non-profit organization that educates them on life necessities such as paying bills, keeping good credit, buying a home, filling out job applications and etc.

She is highly inspired by every person who has been through tough situations emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. She says,” There are times when I face small hardships and I feel like giving up, but because of those amazing individuals who have been through hell and back, and still saw the peak of the mountain, I will never give up!”

by Jonathon McCullough

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