Sequoyah Huguley - Young Visionary Starter Grant Winner

Say hello to Sequoyah Huguley, one of the seven winners of a Young Visionaries Starter Grant at the 2019 Pave the Path.

Sequoyah Huguley

Sequoyah’s story starts with a twist. One of the more enthusiastic participants at the 2019 Pave the Path, she had to leave a bit early for work - so she missed the time when people pitched project ideas for starter grants. But she emailed later and asked if she could still apply. We said “Yes!” and were totally impressed with her idea, application, and initiative. So, she won a $200 starter grant.

Sequoyah is a sophomore at South Side High School. Her project envisions helping the high schoolers (starting at South Side) whose families are unable to afford some of the basics like clothing (socks, hats, coats, and so forth) and healthy food or snacks. Living with makeshift clothing and being hungry can be major stressors for young people - and affect the way they learn and grow. Sequoyah envisioned building a space at South Side where she could house items for students in need, and then expanding to other schools.

And she got off to an amazing start. On the day when we delivered her check, South Side’s principal joined us in the office and announced that he had reserved a space for Sequoyah’s Young Visionaries project!

Sequoyah Huguley and South Side HS Principal Adam Swinford

Only a few days later things started to accelerate once again. As Sequoyah says, “Then today I had a meeting with other students from my school, I told them my vision and they loved it they came up with lots of cool ideas and they told me that they would help me decorate the room. Four hours later we have already 15 people who want to donate to my vision. I am so grateful and happy.”

Add a couple of weeks after that, and the room is now fully prepped, ready to receive donations, and primed to get to work helping students! From idea to launch in a VERY short amount of time. That, readers, is how a Young Visionary LEADS!

Now we need your help! She'll need plenty of clothing items and healthy shelf-stable food - or even more funding to help some worthy students out. To donate and help Sequoyah’s worthy cause, email Steve Franks at Believe In A Dream at

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