Young Visionaries Starter Grants

At the 2019 Pave the Path Youth Leaders Summit, we surprised the students with some $200 starter grants for Young Visionaries projects. That's a project that will make a positive impact in their community (school, neighborhood, city, world). Believe in a Dream's next competition for $1.000 Young Visionary Fellowship grants opens in the Spring of 2020, but we knew that's a really long time to wait to get started on a project your team is excited about NOW.

So, we decided to give 5 starter grants right on the spot during Day 2! Teams had some time (less than an hour - no pressure LOL) to prepare a pitch. They had all conceived and started characterizing their projects on Day 1. The previous Young Visionary Fellows joined us to be recognized and to help us pick the starter grant winners. Our goal to award grants to 5 teams got blown out of the water, when we realized we couldn't stop there. We awarded 6 that day, and a 7th later to a student who was unable to be there during the pitch period but pitched us a great project.

Please pay close attention to how many students are engaged in these teams. When you count the people in the top photo (and subtract the adults), you'll see that around 40 students pitched ideas worthy of a starter grant award! That's nearly half of the summit attendees! We are extremely proud of these young leaders, these Young Visionaries, and the positive difference they are making in our community!

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